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Standards & Specifications

SAMPAK International has been working with various Clients for over 35 years and has contributed towards the aspect of standardization of various Technical Specifications and drawings for Buildings, Infrastructure, Highways & Bridges. These Technical Studies have formed a strong professional base, in the formulation of various policies for the Government of Pakistan.  

Technical Studies

SAMPAK has conducted successfully various studies for Government organizations as well as foreign clients which include statistical studies, Mass Transit for Rapid Bus services, Traffic Studies, Hydrology Studies, Soil Investigations & Pavement Designs, Resource Studies, etc.

Composite Schedule of Rates

SAMPAK has prepared a Computerized Composite Schedule of Rates (CSR) for the National Highway Authority effective in all the provinces of Pakistan. This CSR has been prepared district wise giving applicable rates for each district in Pakistan. Comprehensive software has been prepared to handle millions of data records and calculations. This software was developed for other clients like MES and the Government of AJK of Pakistan.

Electrical & HVAC Services

SAMPAK has vast experience in providing electrical design which includes complete Distribution Systems, MV/LV Systems, Illumination schemes, Power Generation, CCTV, Fire Fighting and provision of Security Systems, PA Systems, External Lighting Layouts, Communication & Networking systems, Lightening Protection and Earthing Systems.

Project Planning & Scheduling Service

  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule Preparation
  • Identification of critical, sub-critical and concurrent critical paths
  • Schedule Monitoring, Updating & Review
  • Resource Loading and Tracking
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Identify & Evaluate Impact of Changes and Variances
  • Schedule Recovery planning.
  • Time Impact Analysis Due to Changes, Delays and Disruptions.
  • Manage Schedule Risks.

Geotechnical, Surveys & Testing Solutions

•Sampak International is very conscious about quality of construction due to which it maintains its central testing lab. facilities.

•Sampak International is equipped with all necessary equipment due to which it can conduct the following tests.

Renovations / Refurbishment Building Solutions

•Sampak International specializes in restoring old building structures. It has carried out restoration works on local residences and commercial buildings like restaurants, banks, schools,  hotels etc..

•Sampak International has experience in restoring old buildings built in limestone.

Town Planning Solutions

Sampak International has a rich repute in carrying out Town Planning projects all across Pakistan and abroad.

 We have developed Master plans for various schemes, which include Service Areas, Housing Colonies, Industrial Areas & Commercial Enterprises.