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About Us

SAMPAK International (Pvt.) Ltd. was Incorporated in 1987. In the last 36 years, SAMPAK International has shown tremendous progress, because of dedicated services rendered by its engineers and professionals.

Sampak has carried out the design and supervision of the Building, Highways, and Infrastructure Sector. We have designed and supervised more than 5000 Apartments and commercial units, besides the Infrastructural Development of more than 80 Housing and Commercial Schemes. We have also designed and supervised work on projects like Motorway Service Areas (M2), McDonald’s Restaurants, Industrial Areas, and Hospitals.



Sampak has carried out design and supervision of more than 2000 kilometers of Highways, 150 Bridges and 2000 Culverts and other structures on various National and Provincial Highways.

Supervision and Management Services

In addition, Sampak has also carried out Feasibility studies, Technical Studies and preparation of various Govt. documents like CSR, Standard Drawings and General Specifications.


SAMPAK is a Consultancy firm for Design, Supervision, and Management Services, providing high-grade expertise and know-how to its various Clients for the planning, design, and implementation of their undertakings. The present–day complex engineering projects require the application of a combination of various disciplines and sub-disciplines. SAMPAK has, therefore, formed specialty groups in different disciplines headed by highly competent and experienced engineers as follows:

•Engineering Division

•Architecture, Town Planning, and Interior design Division

•Technical Services Division

•Geotechnical Engineering Division

•Construction Supervision and Project Management Division

•Water Resources Division

•Management Information Services (MIS)